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Remember Our Fallen




Brother's in the Afghanistan

2007 / 2008




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    The Sky Soldier didn't run and hide in Canada.

    He left family and home to serve GOD and

 COUNTRY in a far off land called Vietnam. We, the   

 SKY SOLDIER  did not lose any battles to the NVA or

 the VC. Our war was lost here at home. Between the   

 news media and our politicians, we did not stand a    

 chance in hell to win that war. To return home and be  

 spat upon by our fellow countrymen and called baby   

 killers was to much to take. So, we hid within ourselves,

 built barriers that no one could penetrate. We hid the  

 fact that we were even involved in that so-called dark   

 past of American history. It's sites like these that give

 the SKY SOLDIER pride and show that there is no    

 shame, that we only did what our country asked of us.

 We lost our youth in Vietnam. That is why sites like   

 this help bring back and rekindle that little spark of

              youth that we left behind so many years ago.                               



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Thanks to Tim Abney


Songs of War in Vietnam


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Vietnam Era Music



Thanks Ned and the boy's from

Casper Aviation Platoon

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It is better to deserve honors and not have them

than not to deserve them.


The deepest definition of youth is life

as yet untouched by tragedy.


















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Charlie Co. 4th Batt.






Airborne  Brigade







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I was that which others cared not to be.

I went where others feared to go.

I asked nothing from those who gave nothing.

And, reluctantly, accepted the thought of eternal loneliness should I fall.

I have seen the face of terror, felt the chill of fear, warmed to the touch of love.

I have hoped pained cried.

 But, foremost, lived in times others would say best forgotten.

At the least in later days, I will be able to say with greatest Pride, that I was indeed

                                    “A SOLDIER”











This site was created to help bring the men of



The 173rd together. it has gone far beyond



that original dream . this  little dream of      



bring some lost soul's together has brought



veteran's together from as far away as        



the "Ukraine" and our brother's from               



"Down Under" . This site is ours ,the veteran.



for any input, please, drop me a note                










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