173rd Directory

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                                              Charles "Chip" Conine                                                         C/4/503                                           [email protected]
          Manuel "Madfrag" Torres C/4/503 [email protected]          
John "JD" Scheller C/4/503 [email protected]     
    Chris "Doc" Erickson C/4/503 [email protected]   
Art Carr C/4/503 acarr555@acR.I.P.hia.netdelphia.net
   Rick "Koz" Koziana            C/4/503 (67-68)       [email protected]
       Manuel "Manny" Blunt C/4/503 [email protected]      
Cipriano Martinez C/4/503 [email protected]
   Joseph 'Ted' Humber C/4/503  [email protected]    
Richard Oxsen C/4/503 R.I.P.
Kevin Shaw              C/4/503 [email protected]                
Merle Davis                 [email protected]   
Stephen Arnold          [email protected]          
     Bill "Mac" McCollum C/4/503 [email protected]         
Jimmy Culpepper                 A/1/503 (65-66) [email protected]
Ray Bull                                     2/C Co. (7/67 - 7/68) [email protected]
Mike "Dutch" Gude      Unit E/1/503 [email protected]              
James Baskin                     A,B,& C 4/503 [email protected]          
      Daniel "Corky" Kerkow              C/4/503 67 to 69      [email protected]



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