173rd Directory            

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                                        James Patrick (Pat) Murphy               B MED ASSIGNED TO 173RD with 2/503rd d company                                                    [email protected]
Kenneth L Shepherd "66" C/4/503rd "67" [email protected]
Ronnie Lippard C/4/503 [email protected]
Michael A. Del Monaco Casper Plt. 66/67 [email protected]
Ned Costa Casper Plt. LZ English "68"/"69" [email protected]
Randy Clausen "66-67" Weapons Platoon 4th Bat [email protected]
James E. "Rebel" Lowery 1970 D/3rd/319th [email protected]
Doug Maeder C/4/503 Mar- July 1969 [email protected]
Richard H. Adams C/3"68/69"A/2"70/71 HHC/71 Deactivate [email protected]
Rafael R Rodriguez C/4 "67/68 " D/2 "70/71"Deactinate [email protected]
SSGT. Charles Radcliff (Kentucky) B Co 3rd Plt. (Johnson) 1/503rd  68-69-70 [email protected]
Zelner Houchin Casper Platoon [email protected]
Wayne Wolaver 67-68 1st Batt [email protected]
Robert  E. Delaney A/4/503 Nov 69-Aug 70 [email protected]
Tom Dimond 4/503 Co. E Recon Oct-68 / Oct.-69 [email protected]
Leonard Zugby C/4/ 503rd Jun 66 - Jun 67 [email protected]
Orencio" CC" Castro B/3/503 1969-1970 [email protected]
Jim" Serrels 173rd  "C"  67-68 [email protected]
Howard Lee Williams A/2/503 LZ English 10-68 to 11-69  [email protected]