173rd Directory

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                                            T. Buck (Thomas R. Buck)                                           11/68 to 11/69 C/4/503 Point Squad                                                                   [email protected]  
  Tom "Stinky" Steckman C/4/503 4th Platoon 1970 [email protected]
Tim Long                       1st Batt. out of LZ Uplift [email protected]
Karl Robertson                       1st. Plt. Ldr. A/4/503 "68'/"69"        [email protected]
Charles Larry Wilcher             3/64 til. 3/66 3/319th Arty. Medic    [email protected]
Steve Buck                   C/4/503            [email protected]
Mike Talerico                    B/4/503rd and HHC/1/503rd [email protected]m
  John"The Owl" Hoard                          173rd eng co, 173rd Abn, Aug 69-Mar71           [email protected]
StephenTom Armstrong             Munro                          D-2/503D, 1970, English, Up Lift, An Khe [email protected]
Jerry Berry                                     A/4/503rd. (Oct. "68" / "Sept. "69")  [email protected]
Rodney Devenger                       HHC 1/508 from Jan 02 - May 05          [email protected]
Jim Decraine                   LZ English "68/69" Eng. [email protected]
George Brnilovich Jr        Hq 2/503 71-72 [email protected]
Noah R. McBride                     (B. Co) 4th/503rd, 173rd,  66/67                  [email protected]
Steve Greene                                     Chief W/O  CASPER Platoon "67/68" [email protected]
John Griggs                    C/4/503 WIA Nov. "67" [email protected]
Jerry (Pete) Peterson                   C/4/503 3rd. Platoon "68" / "69" [email protected]
John Pratt                       B/4/503 "66" / "67" [email protected]
Bob Charbonneau                                                  173rdEngineersHq.Co.May1966toMay1967BienHoa                [email protected]