"MagFrag Torres"


The MadFrag,


     We were choppered into an area that soon came to be known as Mortar

 Valley. The very first night we were there around dusk, Dogget and myself were

 just finishing the setup of trip flares and claymores when we heard the familiar

 "thump, thump" sound that only mortars put out. We started running and

 shouting "INCOMING". Luck was on our side as we took no casualties.

Unbeknown to me that night, the shit hit the proverbial fan. The night fell and

all seemed quiet as I wandered in and out of those alert dozes when suddenly

 a flare blazed up and ignited the sky. What we saw below us was a flurry of

VC or NVA advancing on our location with heavy arms. Explosions that

seemed to appear out of thin air began to rock their position and they began to

 withdraw in the confusion. It was as if the clouds rained bombs rather

than rain. I realized that it was one of ours throwing grenades as if he was a

man possessed. It was Torres raining that thunder of grenades. We had learned

 to throw the grenades as opposed to using gun-fire to avoid giving away

our position. We lived to fight another day and it was only proper that Torres

 from then on be known as "MadFrag" Torres.  

    After a few days in that position, we moved out. I should say up. We

ascended hill "1382" which in actuality was more of a mountain. This

mountain contained the NVA, our target. 

   As time went by on this cloud-shrouded mountain, we made many

friends including ticks the size of grapes; leaches the size of your thumb,

flying monkeys; and bugs that I have never seen before and hopefully never

will again. We located caches of food and weapons. 

   After a week or so, we started our trek down the mountain and right back

into mortar valley. Needless to say that I was not happy about this and what

it may bring. My feelings weren't for not. Before we could secure our position,

we were hit from the north, east, and west of our camp. The NVA were

walking those mortars into us. They got as close as 30 to 50 meters and as quick

 as it began, it suddenly ceased. Either they were out of range or they ran out

 of ammo. I will never know for sure, but I am thankful it did end because we had

 no defense.