"The Sunflower Seed"

"The Sunflower Seed"

As told by John"JD"Scheller

  "Sunflower Seeds and The Mother-In-Law"

Mother-in-Laws, you either love'm or hate'm, right, well I happen to love mine. She always had a smile on her face,

 always glad to see you and would never say a disparaging word about anyone. She loved animals, especially her dogs and

 cats pets. She once told me that animals were put here to be loved, and to give love. With that said, I will begin my little


   I grew up in So. California near Huntington "Surf City" Beach. I loved the beach and I became an avid surfer.

 Spending untold hours in the water waiting for the perfect wave can be quite boring. To pass the time in between sets I

 would pack my cheeks, like a chipmunk would with nut's, only mine were filled with sunflower seeds. I became well

 adapt at cracking and eating them without the use of my hands. They actually became my favorite food group. It seemed

 that I always had a mouthful. Spitting the empty shells everywhere. In school from home room, to gym class, to watching

 TV. and going to the movies. They were always with me. As you can tell, I do enjoy the little morsels. Now too the heart

 of the subject......Like some of you, I spent some time in "The Pearl of South East Asia" ( Vietnam ) with the 173rd

 Airborne. And like anyone, being so far away from home, missing grandmothers apple pie and my own bed, I had a

 craving for, naturally, for sunflower seeds!!!! You all remember the "Goodie Box"!!! That package arriving from "The

 World" with  all the little treats. No mater who received one, we all shared. It was a little piece of home in a box. So one

 day I sat down and wrote my wife, Margie, and told her of my wishes. Please send me some packages of Kool-Aid, a

 couple bottles of Tabasco Sauce, candy bars, and of course, a few bags of "David and Sons" sunflower seeds. Can you see

 where this is going??? Margie, being the good woman she is, responded to my request without hesitation. With the help

 of her mother, they went to work putting together all the little goodies that I asked for. They threw in everything but the

 kitchen sink, Milk-Duds, Snickers, Kool-Aid, home made cookies etc. As Margie was adding the main addition to my

 "Goodie Box", "David and Sons" Sunflower Seeds, my Mother-in-Law stopped her and said "what are you doing!!!??

 You can't send those things to Johnny, (she always called me Johnny). Margie replied, "why, he loves eating them" My

 Mother-in-Law promptly answered with a straight face and said "He will leave a trail and those bad guys will follow the

 empty shells to his camp!! " You just got to love her, and I do..... 

                                                                                                                    God Rest Her Soul

                                                                                                                       "Naomi  Kobell"