"Just Another Day On OP"

As told by Ssg. Lewis Bremer





One day, ( when I was a young buck and new In Country ) my company was humping into and through the bush, somewhere in the central highlands. When an air strike was called in by another unit close to us. Our C.O. radioed to tell me ( I was running a point team at the time ) to immediately stop what we were doing and put out some OPs, and then stand ready to intercept. So, me and another guy were put on OP (observation post).

It was a hot day, ( as I learned there would be many more ). Where we were, the landscape was thick with elephant grass and bamboo. There was no one going to come through with out making enough noise to wake the dead, so we both thought.

We must have been there for hours in the sun, just the two of us, talking some, back and forth. Between the two of us, knowing nothing was going to be able to make it through that thick bamboo without us hearing, or so we thought.

But then, we heard it, a noise fairly quiet, but a distinct enough sounded, like one person, may be two. Then it became a little louder and harder. We had no radio, hell, everyone knew no one could come through our position. But this noise, it grew steadily louder and louder. We are about to shit our pants wondering how many "baddies" were coming our way.

Afraid to move, we laid back on our rucksacks. The noise now was almost like a party was going on without music or voices only the sound of people running or the sound of horses at a race track coming right at us. Rifles ready, and on full auto, ready to light them up when, here they came, thousand's of them, maybe a million's of these long legged spiders, fleeing the napalm strike about a klick away. Like a huge blanket, they came over us. There one minute, gone the next, like they were never there. Yep over run by daddy long legged spiders, made enough noise for us both to think our time had come.