I was third back from the point team. The trail went

thru a small clearing just ahead. We paused while point

snuck to the edge of the clearing. Immediately he fired a

controlled burst of 3 or 4, followed by a spray till the

mag was empty.

     I moved to the right edge of the trail so I could see

what was going on, and have room to fire. A huge black

bird was flying out of the clearing. I could see just the

right wing and it seemed about six feet long. It reminded

me of the time I was walking in the woods and spooked a

Great Horned Owl, thinking, how could such a huge bird

find room to fly thru thick woods.

    We moved up and secured the clearing. The point man

 was still in the same spot, but sitting down.  He had the

 expression of a five year old trying to be a big boy and

 not cry.

    He was saying, It was a VC standing right in the middle

 of the clearing and I got him for sure. I said, it wasn’t a

 VC, it was a huge black bird, I saw it.

    Then he did start sobbing, saying it was a VC, that he

 saw the bullets impact on his shirt, but then he turned

 into a huge black bird and flew away.


                                                   Wayne Walker