Grunt Tales


                "A real kiss goodnight, Vietnam style"




Hey brothers glad to see you home. My name is is Gary-Sergeant Rice 173rd Combat Eng demo spec.

 On one of my times with the 2/503d C & D company.

         I had a very enlighten experience one night after a long day

making our way toward Hill 875. We made camp and got ready for the next day.

  As night came we all settled down, well as much as you could in the jungle. I remember I had taken time to make sure all things were within a arms reach to get, backpack, rifle etc. and off to sleep I went. It was 10 o'clock and darkkkkkkkk.

 All of a sudden I was awake, waded eyed and ready, but then I realized there was no incoming or shots

and no one else was moving but me. I sat up and looked around knowing something was wrong. Then I realized

that I had awaken to something in my mouth. I reach to my tongue and at first I just felt something sticky and

wet. I knew from the feel of it that is was blood. I reach back to my tongue and felt  something on my tongue

and took my fingers got a hold and pulled a nice FAT LEECH from my mouth, Viet Nam kiss goodnight.


Welcome home brothers and sisters

Sergeant Gary Rice

Combat Eng 173rd Demo

( March 67----Nov 68 )