"First and Last Time"



     Grunt Tales;

   Well you want some grunt tale's my friend, here you go, okay from me to you, alright.

     I was still E-4 then, so listen up to a true story of a grunt in Nam okay. I don't remember

   who I was hooked up with that night in Nam, but buddied up with this guy, so we hooked

   our ponchos together for a little extra shelter. Our guard duty shift's were over and we were in

   the rear type area, you know, firebase something, something. He had some "Smoke," anyways

   being good Airborne Troops and not wanting to waste anything in Nam, we smoked it. But if

   you've never partaken of "Nam Smoke" then this might not make sense to anyone who reads

   this. Now, it was night time and after partaking of this "smoke" we got the munchies, and not

   being in the States, no markets for that old "Ding Dong" rush, so we did the next best thing and

   opened up some of our C - rations and scarfed down some good "old" crackers and peanut

   butter with jam. Then having filled up our little tummy's, we went to sleep like babies. After

   a while, I remember waking up and my "tent partner," who was also awake because we were

   covered in ants, all over us, we jumped up, beating ourselves to get those ants off of us. They

   were eating the crumbs, must have finished those, because they were now eating on us. Had to

   strip our clothes off because by this time, we were covered with the little critter's. Then, without

   making any noise had to move our "hooch" to an area the ants weren't in. If anyone heard us,

   well, they never said anything. but man eat up good by those ant's. So moral is if you did

   "Smoke" in the Nam, hopefully you never did it like I did. I never "smoked" in my "house" over

   there again. Thing was, both of us got bit so bad, never wanted to deal with those ant's again.

   This is an honest to goodness grunt tale.  "Lewis Bremer"