Lost Brothers

A Memorial 


Herold "Hamp" Hampton




            My Dad passed away Jan.1,1998. He always spoke 
         of the 173rd and the friends he made. He always 
         wanted to find them so my Grandma & I are doing this
         in his memory. After he passed I donated his dress 
         uniform to a War History Musume in Ft.Morgan,Colorado
         to honor him & the 173rd they have a write up about
         him and the 173rd. So if you are ever in Colorado and
         have a day to spare let me know and I'll get you the
         info on it. I say this because the man who runs it 
         will make sure my dad's is out. In the furture I would
         like to send you some pictures to add to the 
         "Now and Then" that you are working on. I would also
         like to a tribute or memorial to my dad. If you don't
         mind. If you don't let me know and I will send it all
         to you. THANK YOU AGAIN for your help now and in the

            A Troopers Daughter