My Tribute To Steve Ortiz

If it were not for the love of a son toward his father and family, we would not have this place for the Veterans of Charlie Co. 4th of the 503rd. He is a son that has gone through good Times and bad Times. It's the baggage that comes with living with a Vietnam Vet. Despite all that has happened he was blessed with a strong mother( Genevieve ) a loving brother ( John ) and sister ( Emily ) that supported a solid back ground with god and country. The wisdom to always do the right thing. They also blessed him with a big heart. This tribute and site is a testimony for the love and devotion to his father, Manuel Torres, and to help give back some of the youth that was lost so many years ago in the Pearl of the Southeast Asia, South Vietnam.

  If not for the love and respect for his father, affectionately known as Manuel "MadFrag" Torres this site would never have come to fruition. Thank you Steve. From the brother's of C/4/503 173rd Abn.

As told by
Class of "68"